Hit the Skins (quick hitta, part ii)

Former Washington receiver Josh Doctson doing what he did best during his time in suburban Maryland

I rarely look at the stats for this here blog. Which is really surprising because I love stats. But, today, I woke up curious as to the numbers my recent post have been gaining. To my surprise, my third highest post was about a 3-3 Redsk*ns team that wasn’t worth a damn. For a team and an organization that’s spinning in the win, Skins fans love reading about them.

Recently, I wrote about the magic and tragedy of RGIII’s career and I touched on the importance of Alfred Morris. I was sad to hear that the Cowboys cut him yesterday. But the game isn’t based on sympathy. Below is a section that I wrote for the article but didn’t have a real way of fitting it with proper context:

This year marks the 20th anniversary Daniel Snyder’s purchase of the Washington RacialSlurs. His tenure as Redsk*ns owner, has been a shit show. Not a total shit show, but a shit show nonetheless: a 139-180-1 regular season record, three NFC East Division titles (worst of the NFC East teams in this era), a 2-5 playoff record, 11 seasons with a losing record and a carousel of nine head coaches. Since the miracle 2012 season, the Skins have gone 38-57-1, with only one division title and no playoff wins. As of right now, I’m out on this team and NFL watching, in general. Though a few exes would say they wished this happened a decade ago, I think I’m finally ready to give it up completely. It’s interesting this is the year I’m giving up on the league because the Skin just used another 1st round pick to draft a black quarterback, Dwayne Haskins, who’s actually from Maryland. Hopefully, won’t endure the same scrutiny RGIII faced. (Spolier: he will.) When you see the puppet strings, it’s impossible to ignore them.

This morning, news broke that Adrian Peterson is inactive verses their Week 1 game against the Eagles.

And I couldn’t care any less.

That football “team” and the sport has more problems than a little bit, and it’s okay that I don’t give them my attention.

I forgotten how fun it was to write about the Skins when they were winning. I wish I had a blog during their seven game win streak in 2012. But those days seem forever ago.

With the season starting in less than an hour, there’s nothing more I can say about this team that the next 12 loss season won’t. Good luck to those men and good luck to your team.

Accept if you like the Cowboys.

Or the Steelers.

Or the Patriots.

Some pains never go away.

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