Shoot Your Shot

Big hands, little camera.

In the summer of 2009, to make ends meet while living in Morgantown, WV, I took a work study job at the WVU Law School Library. In the stacks on Law School Hill, I spent months organizing, cleaning, and moving literally hundreds of books a day. Whether it was brand new books that will eventually over-analyzed or books from the early 1900’s that the world long forgot about, I was shuffling books from the basement to the library floor back to the basement again. It was the life of kings.

While working, I was fortunate to be able to listen to music through my iPod and thumb through books that caught my eye. One day, this oversized, ocean midnight blue colored book caught my eye, with this grizzled, white-haired black man on the cover. This book had no business being in a law school library but there it was. The black man on the cover was Gordon Parks, and the book was called Half Past Autumn, a half autobiography, half photo book that explored his life and career as a photojournalist that spanned decades. For a man that was a Life magazine photographer to directing 1971’s Shaft, I’ll never know why this book was in a law school library stack, but I am forever grateful.

Reading Half Past Autumn that summer is the earliest that I can remember of being interested in photography as an adult. Years later, I would discover tumblr and be exposed to a bevy of professional and amateur photographers from God knows what country and God knows what time. But, while intrigued, I never had the chance to actually practice photography. That was until my 32nd birthday. In probably what is the best gift I’ve ever received, Danielle brought me a Canon Rebel T6 and an embroidered camera strap the word “The Marc Rob” inscribed, named after this here blog. I, naturally, was moved to tears.

Since July, I’ve been a semi-regular, self taught, amateur photographer. My friends and family have been my main subjects, but I shoot whenever I have my camera around and am motivated. The search for perfection (or imperfection) has been cathartic and, in a step toward being more open with my passions, I wanted to post a few photos on this here blog. Some of these moments have a story or meaning behind them, others are just pretty things to look at. Enjoy.

For all the pictures in sets, click to enlarge. For best quality of photos, computer or tablet use is preferable or click to view full size photo.

These are a few flicks of my family over Thanksgiving.

I call this photo set Jurassic World: San Antonio starring lil Brandon and Corey.

A couple of more in the mix.

And one more of lil Brandon. For the road.

Special “thank you” to my lovely subjects. Enjoy 2019, everyone.

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